uORocketry, the University of Ottawa Rocketry Team, develops rockets! Since its inception, the team has developed and tested a hybrid rocket engine, a novel parachute concept, custom avionics systems, unique ignition mechanisms, different control schemas for both engine thrust throttling and air-braking, a payload designed to observe the effects of high acceleration on the hemolysis of blood cells, and a custom simulation suite for the purposes of performance optimization. While this list is not exhaustive, it exemplifies the ideologies of this team: to pursue interesting projects.

We have competed at the Spaceport America Cup, an international student rocketry competition, in 2018 and 2019. Once again this year, we were one of the few teams invited to give a technical presentation; we discussed our ongoing search for a clever air-braking scheme that allows for a precise final altitude during flights. This past year, the team successfully launched and recovered our competition rocket, Jackalope. The team achieved fourth place out of 47 teams in the 10000ft altitude, commercial motor category for an overall ranking of eighth place out of 122 teams competing! This puts uORocketry in the top 10 on an international stage.

The team looks to push past simply competing at the Spaceport America Cup by building on the technologies that will help get the team into the student rocketry space race - which involves launching a rocket that reaches a final altitude of greater than 100km. Beyond rockets, we’re also competing in the CAN-RGX (Canada Reduced Gravity Experiment) where we’ve collaborated with the Brown Lab at McMaster University to investigate the effect of microgravity on the antibiotic resistance of Salmonella. Furthermore, the team looks to continue fostering relations with our international industry and academic partners (such as the Department of Medicine at uOttawa, CAE Inc and SBG Systems), so that our development could complement theirs.

To summarize, uORocketry is a multidisciplinary student engineering team that builds rockets and incidentally advances several technologies through the meticulous combination of engineering practice and a rocket scientist’s audacity.


Ask any team member and they will explain that we have the hottest competition of any uOttawa Team! We compete against teams from around the world at Spaceport America Cup in the middle of the New Mexico desert.

During competition week, teams launch student designed and developed rockets to carry an 8.8lb scientific payload to 10,000 ft. Our competitive advantage is an automated air braking system which is fully controlled by our onboard flight computer to increase our drag and slow us down as we approach altitude. In addition to the flight component, we participate in a poster session to showcase the technical challenges we overcame.

In 2019, uORocketry competed in the 10,000ft target apogee (point in the orbit of an object orbiting Earth) in the commercial off the shelf (COTS) motor category. Before successfully launching and recovering our rocket, we were one out of 24 teams selected to give a technical presentation on our unique model for predictive control of our rocket's custom airbrake. This past competition we placed 4th in our category and earned 8th place overall!


uORocketry, is a student run organization that runs almost exclusively through the generous support of our sponsors. We simply would not fly without these contributions. Your contributions are helping develop the future of the Canadian space industry and the development of exciting medical research. This fosters a creative, inventive environment where students are able to make and improve on their mistakes. Beyond that, your organization becomes part of our team. With ample opportunities to visit, frequent featuring on our social media platforms, and flying your logo on a sounding rocket, we make sure to further your brand.

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We’re always looking to see what new interesting technologies we can use for our mission! Partnering with the uOttawa Rocketry team allows for companies to test how their products apply in the realm of rocketry on a small scale.

Without the valuable donation of materials, components and expertise from industry sponsors, our team wouldn’t be on the leading edge of performance.

If you are interested in our team, please feel free to reach out to us about working together!

To achieve our goals, we need your help. Your contribution will directly support our goals of being out of this world.

Your donation helps create a collaborative environment where students are able to apply their studies out of the lecture hall, meet, and compete against students from around the globe!

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